AngularJS SPA Authentication with ASP.NET Identity 1.x

The following is a tutorial that I wrote in February of 2014 on how to provide a backend for an AngularJS SPA using ASP.NET Web API and ASP.NET Identity. I am posting it here for future reference, though the original is still hosted on BitBucket along with the source files referenced in this tutorial. As of this writing, ASP.NET Identity 1.x has been superseded by ASP.NET Identity 2.x, but I believe what is discussed in this tutorial is still relevant to the overall theory of how to accomplish the task.

Experiencing Web Page Titles

This is a personal thing in the UX domain, but I think it applies to more than just me. I see too many sites where the first set of words in the title of each web page on the site is the name of the site itself followed by the actual page title. For me this doesn’t make sense, for two reasons.

GTD = OmniFocus + OmniOutliner + DEVONThink + ...

My GTD workflow is for the most part a connected system of OmniOutliner documents managed by DEVONThink with the actual task-work managed in OmniFocus. Other than that, I use a metal inbox next to my desk as a primary collection bucket and a raised file-rack for project support and tickler files. I also have a whiteboard next to my bed for midnight thought streams, and I use my iPhone for on-the-go collection.